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The cats of Hakone


August 17, 2013 by IPAlchemist

This is a little post for my sister Kerry.

There were some adorable cats in Hakone, and I managed a couple of pictures which I would like to share.

The first cat seemed to live in the Fujiya hotel.  It was very tame and seemed to like being stroked (or perhaps it was too hot for it to run away).  I took some pictures of the hotel on the last day, and it was lying on the steps leading up to the hotel.

Fujiya hotel cat

Fujiya hotel cat

 The next cat was at Ohiradai station on the Hakone Tozan Railway, that I saw on the way back to Tokyo after the end of my stay in Hakone.  What was particularly adorable, besides the wonderfully stretched out pose (like the Fujiya cat, this one didn’t look like it moved much) was the fact that it was directly underneath a sign that said to please not feed the station cat.  I present for you enjoyment the panoramic view and close-ups of the moggy itself and the sign in question.

Cat and Sign

Ohiradai station cat

Ohiradai station sign


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  1. Kerry says:

    Really adorable although on the photo of the station cat I wanted to put a comment of my hands are up – don’t shoot. Lovely photos.

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