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  1. An Alchemist in Paris – some observations


    May 10, 2015 by IPAlchemist

    On waiters

    And now dear friends a word on the perils of travelling alone in Paris. When in a cafe one has finished one’s coffee and then heads to the lavatory, one naturally takes one’s valuables with one. This however signifies ineluctably to a French waiter – a breed renowned through the world for their kindness and understanding – that one is planning to scarper without paying. The said waiter therefore pursues the hapless customer into the toilets to confront him while he is still relieving himself. It’s quite annoying really.

    On transport

    And now dear Londoners did you think that it was only on our beloved underground that you can walk so far from the entrance to the platform that you feel that you have walked the entire distance to your destination? Not so – let me introduce you to Chatelet (you will have to imagine the circumflex accent) – its labyrinthine tunnels will have you filled with the warm glow of nostalgia for Bank-Monument. So discombobulated was your humble servant that he leapt on the train going in the wrong direction and has wasted a perfectly good ticket trying to repair the damage. Still, onwards and upwards. Back to the hotel for a preprandial rest.

    On speaking French

    Oh and another thing, dear friends. Several times in the last 24 hours I have been complimented on my French accent. Strangely, analogous comments on my grammar or vocabulary have not been forthcoming. ‪#‎damningwithfaintpraise‬

    On intercommunion

    The order of service booklet for Holy Week at Notre Dame says “if you do not share our faith in the living presence of Christ in the Eucharistic bread, we ask you not to join your neighbours at communion time”. Do they really mean that communion is open to all who believe in the real presence? If they mean it is restricted to Roman and Eastern Catholics only (as I would have imagined) why do they not say so?

  2. Natsukashii – Pictures from Japan


    December 1, 2012 by IPAlchemist

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about my thoughts about how best a visitor to Japan might best spend limited time.  This was inspired by Jess the Chemist.  She has sent links to some lovely pictures both urban and leafy, so I thought I would post a link.  Here it is.

    Natsukashii is an adjective describing nostalgic feelings.  People usually use it in relation to Japan, because the word is Japanese.

    Stuck in London, I can’t photograph architecture or foliage, so here are some cats.  Everyone loves cats.

    Cats from Japan

    I expect you will prefer Jess’s pictures.

  3. Welcome to the IP Alchemist


    September 12, 2012 by admin

    So, I have started a blog. I have finally entered the 21st century, and accepted that quill and vellum have perhaps had their day (even if they do conjure the prospect of delivery by owl). I have joined thousands of thousands of others who share their thoughts with the ether on a regular basis, in the perhaps forlorn hope that someone out there may be interested in their thoughts and opinions.

    There are already many IP-related blogs out there, so I am not responding to an evident need.  I already enjoy reading many excellent patent blogs from around the world. I was privileged to spend a half year as an IPKat team member, where there are thousands of guaranteed readers thanks to the decades of hard work of Jeremy, Ilanah, and those who have come after. Even then half the time I felt, contra-factually, that I was writing to no-one but myself.

    And so I suppose the answer is I am doing this for myself. I have been tweeting for many months now, and I find that, for a lot of things, 140 characters is just not enough. So although I shall carry on tweeting, I now have have the option to express myself at greater length. If anyone is interested, then great. If not, at least I shall have a record of my thoughts.

    Serious musings will continue to appear on the EIP Elements blog, so look out there for publications, newflashes of recent cases, events, and the like.

    If you come by my blog, do comment and have your say. Enjoy!