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The IP Alchemist

My name is Aegidius and I am the IP Alchemist.

Actually, my real name is Darren Smyth, and I am a UK and European Patent Attorney.  I am a partner in the IP law firm EIP.  You can see more about them in the EIP page.

I call myself Aegidius because my first name is actually Gyles (thanks Mother), which is of course Aegidius in Latin.  Or Aegilius, but let’s not split hairs.

And I call myself the IP Alchemist because – well, it’s obvious really, isn’t it.

Some say that I am a pedant, but I just think that I like to be precise.

My academic background is in chemistry.  I still love it.  And it upsets me that “chemistry” is becoming a four-letter word.  There is more about this on my chemistry page.

And I like singing.  Currently, I sing in the voluntary choir of St Giles in the Fields, a most historic church near Tottenham Court Road.  You can hear us most Sunday evenings at 6.30pm (note the civilised and weekend-friendly time).  There is more about this on the music page.

This blog reflects all areas of my work life and the rest of my life, including patents and other IP, chemistry and science in general, music, travel, as well as touching on my leisure and social life.  All in one handy package.

Do feel free to post comments – I would love to hear from you.  If you want to email me, I would like that as well.  It is dsmyth[at] (change the [at] to @ – if I write it properly I get spammed).