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An Alchemist in Paris – the Café Des Chats Bastille


May 10, 2015 by IPAlchemist

Just round the corner from my hotel was a cat cafe. Yes, really. The place is crammed with custom feline furniture and moggy perches but look where this one has plonked himself. Sorry for poor picture quality due to reflections in the window but I think you get the idea. ‪#‎leprocrastichat‬ ‪#‎nottakingreservationsatthemoment‬

Le Procrastichat

So having sneaked a photo at the cat cafe I had to come in. There are loads of cats – apparently 12 in total but three lined up by me. It is adorable.

Inside the Cat Cafe

More Inside the Cat Cafe

The only problem – how to stop the blighters from eating my food (as firmly instructed) while observing the equally firm instruction to “not make the cats do anything they don’t want to”.  An unsolvable conundrum.


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