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Chiang Mai APAA 2012 Day Zero


October 27, 2012 by IPAlchemist

Just a holding post today.

Uneventful trip – BA to Bangkok and then Thai Airways for Chiang Mai.  All passed without a hitch.

Have run into patent attorneys already – shout out to David Musker who I saw on the plane that I came on to Chiang Mai, so I hope we might get some designs discussions going on, what with the tablet wars being so topical.

I saw two dear Japanese patent attorney acquaintances, one from a long time ago and one from more recently, also on the same flight as me to Chiang Mai, who I shall not be so indelicate as to name here.  But from the conversations going on in the departure gate, there were many many of us on that flight.

So tonight is just about getting myself settled in and ready for tomorrow when the real fun begins.

Clothes – ready; business cards – ready; schedule – ready; smartphone (for tweeting) – ready.  So I am all set.

Watch out for tweets and a blog again tomorrow.


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